Creative Hustlers Wanted!

Only hardcore hustlers tho.

What is Fuse Lab?

In a nutshell...

Fuse Lab is a Jakarta-based multidisciplinary creative content and design agency, specializing in corporate communications, custom publishing, branding, and advertising. That's the client-friendly phrasing.

The real deal is that Fuse Lab was founded in 2017 by some dude who worked at publishing companies and creative agencies for most of his career and liked it for the most part, but he also found a lot of things that sucked or could be significantly improved. Fuse Lab is his (hopefully not misguided) attempt to do just that.

Two years later, somehow we've managed to attract clients like Blue Bird, Alila Hotels & Resorts, Watsons, SCBD and more. Now we need more hands on deck to help scale this thing and take it to the next level. So if you're a steely-eyed creative hustler with more than a few frustrations about agency life, do something about it and join us on our mission to make it suck less, and as a result, deliver great work for our clients.

For an overview of our team, services, and recent work, check out our credentials here.

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